Standard equipment

  • Anti-spark centrifugal extractor fan
  • Double front sheets for water flow
  • Lower sheet opens with gas springs
  • Rain system
  • Droplet separator
  • “Paint-stop” filter
  • Electric panel with IP55 protection class
  • Ceiling light with IP65 protection class
  • Stainless steel immersion pump
  • Water filter
  • Grid platform
  • Emergency push-button
  • Hour meter
  • Discharge hopper

This water paint booth is suitable for removing the pigments and fumes released by various kinds of spray paint. Pigments and fumes are removed using a double veil of water, rain system and droplet separators, whereas air is filtered by a “paint stop” filter. Its modular structure is made up of press-folded galvanized steel panels. Both sheets are made of galvanized and painted steel. The lower sheet is openable. The tank is built of concrete and a grid platform is placed at floor level. The concrete tank is not included in the supply (by the final customer).

Tecnical characteristics

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